Winter is here and you have finally decided to put your house on the market, but you heard somewhere that it’s better to wait until the spring.

Is it really? Many people say that selling a home in the spring is a better bet. Flowers blooming, green grass and sunny skies make homes look their best, the thinking goes, and so this is the ideal time to list your house for sale.

But is this actually true?

Nope! There are a lot of solid reasons why listing your house in the winter, rather than waiting for spring, can actually be really smart. Of course everyone’s situation is different, and an experienced real estate agent in your area can give you the best advice, but here are a few things to consider when deciding when to list your home for sale. (And if you don’t have a choice and have to list it in the winter, hopefully these points will help set your mind at ease!)

1. Less Competition

Simple, fewer listings on the market mean less competition. It’s true that fewer people tend to list their homes during the winter months, but this means that your home has a better chance of standing out, as there will be fewer competing listings. Wouldn’t you rather be the only home in your neighborhood for sale, than 3 or 4 other houses vying for attention as well?

2. Motivated Buyers

It takes a little more motivation to bundle up and go look at houses when the weather gets cold. The holidays keep people busy traveling or entertaining. Not to mention that packing and moving in the cold isn’t much fun. But these small hurdles just mean that you will likely avoid wasting time with buyers who aren’t serious and ready to make an offer. The curious neighbors or “we’re thinking of buying maybe next year” buyers are not as likely to be making the rounds. Motivated buyers are more likely to be pre-approved for a mortgage and to know what they want, and so you are more likely to have showings turn into serious offers.

3. Loans may be processed quicker

Since the housing inventory is generally smaller during the winter, lenders are typically less busy. This means that when your buyers are ready to go under contract, they can get their financing ready to go that much faster, and everyone can make it to closing quicker.

Should you have any questions regarding Selling or Buying this winter season, contact me!

Until then, see you on the hill!


Modern Mountain Design

1990 Kokanee Way

Today I toured a newly revamped home in the Tahoe Keys that fully embodies Modern Mountain Design. It was  tasteful, clean, and contemporary while still lending to the raw, rustic mountain feel we all love about the Tahoe mountain lifestyle.


Many of the mountain chalets of yore—with their rustic log construction and charming shingled roofs—were not designed to withstand the test of time. Which is why, in recent years, innovative architects and designers have been using new technologies and materials to construct contemporary homes in high places. Modern mountain architecture and design will typically incorporate local materials like native cut timber and locally quarried stone left in their natural states, in it’s finishes. To compliment the natural wood and stone materials and steel accents, modern mountain design tends to opt for neutral color palettes of whites, grays and blues rather than bolder reds, yellows and greens.


Summer Reflections

As the summer begins to wind down and we notice a slight chill in the morning air, I like to look back on what our Tahome has provided me with this summer season.

The weather was perfect; I spent time out on the water boating with friends, watched live music from the beach, discovered a new recreation area outside of Truckee, celebrated a friend’s marriage camping at Sugar Pine State Park, and even completed my first Full Moon hike up Mt. Tallac!


But best of all, I was fortunate enough to aid 2 clients in closing on their First Home Purchases.

I recently completed a course focussing on the first time home buyer. Many people look at home ownership as something unattainable. This isn’t the case. As I’ve previously blogged about, looking at the benefits of rent vs buy are very important. There are so many First Time Home Buyer options out there. From Conventional first time home buyer loans to FHA/VA loans, a good lender will be able to find the right fit for you. Contact me should you have questions on how to move forward with first time home buying.

Remember, the answer is always No, unless you ask. 🙂

Together we can get in contact with a reputable lender and start the process of finding your First home here in Lake Tahoe!

Celebrity Golf Tournament!

It’s Celebrity Golf Tournament time again!

Enjoy the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship from our beautiful Lake Tahoe Shores. With a purse of $600,000 and network television exposure, it’s the most prestigious and richest celebrity tournament in golf.

celebrity-golf-3 copyThis year’s lineup is quite impressive. You have the opportunity to see Justin Timberlake, Kevin Nealon, Ray Romano, Charles Barkley,  Stephen Curry, and Aaron Rodgers,  just to name a few! Get up close and personal with the celebrities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with autographs and photos.

Ticket Prices:

Tuesday through Thursday: $20.00 per day
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: $30.00 per day
Patron Badge/Season Pass: $70.00 (good for any and all days, Tuesday through Sunday)
NOTE: Ages 10 and under FREE with a paying adult, two children per adult


If you’re unable to attend the tournament, have no fear. There are always sightings of Celebrities all over town. So be sure to get out and about this week, the weather is beautiful and the people watching is sure to impress!

Have a great week everyone!